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Care Home insurance you can trust

Care Home Insurance

Care Home insurance combines house insurance, contents insurance, business insurance and a number of other covers related to the particular Care sector in which you work.

Buildings insurance – cover is required for the rebuilding cost which may involve some specialist aspects beyond normal domestic arrangements.

Contents insurance – like the buildings cover, there may be specific items of high value or specifically required for the care of individuals. In addition residents may wish to insure their own contents if they bring some of their own furniture into the home.

Stock – including freezer stock against power loss etc.


Employer’s Liability – unless you have a small number of available rooms and do all the cleaning, maintenance and catering yourself you will require staff, even if on a part-time or volunteer basis.

Public Liability – incase a visitor injures himself/herself on the premises you require Public Liability cover.

Product Liability – in case food eaten or provided from your premises causes illness (covered with Public Liability).

Professional Indemnity – if you give advice on how to look after residents or train staff (other than your own).

Malpractice Liability – in case a resident or a client on a daytime basis is injured or administered an incorrect prescription (as required by a doctor). This may have absolutely nothing to do with you or your staff.

Engineering cover – if you have lifts or stair lifts these will need to be maintained and regularly checked for safety and for wear and tear (this may be available from the maintenance firm).

Vehicle – vehicles in the name of the Care Home need insuring and if you have staff that go to visit clients using their own vehicles then you need to check that they have ‘business use’ for their motor insurance.

Fidelity cover – you may also find that you put your staff in a situation where they could handle money or possessions belonging to someone else so you may also require Fidelity cover.

Cyber cover – you have computers in the cafe and therefore may wish to add Cyber cover.

Personal Possessions – outside the home for yourself and within the home for staff personal possessions.

Assisted Living – you and your staff may also be involved with assisted living separate from the care home. If so you will, probably require additional covers depending on your involvement.

Legal Expenses – recommended as there is always a risk of action being taken against you for no visible reason and it may also provide a counselling service for your staff.

The job for Seaway is to make sure that you understand what is and what is not insured.

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