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Home worker insurance

The advances in technology over recent years means that increasingly people are setting up a business and/or working from home. From your computer, iPad or mobile phone you are in touch with the whole world at the press of a button.

More people want to remove the need to commute every day and if they have the ability to apply themselves to their work without interruption then working from home is an ideal resolution to running a business without many of the overheads.

80% of houses in the UK are underinsured. The building sum insured should cover the full cost of rebuilding the property and this may have little relationship to the market value of the property.

As far as insurers are concerned it is the client’s responsibility to decide the sum insured for a property and if that does not represent the full rebuilding costs, in the event of a claim, a partial loss may not be paid in full.

It is important to point out that in the event of a full loss the limit of insurer’s liability is the sum insured. However as, currently, some insurers offer blanket cover up to one million pound, this does not mean that in the event of a loss the insurer will pay out that amount. The other aspect of this is that in the search for ‘best cover’ at ‘best price’ if changing insurers you need to know what the rebuild cost of your house would be as your next insurer may not offer blanket cover.

Many insurers now offer cover for contents based on the number of bedrooms and provide blanket cover up to seventy-five thousand. Once again you need an idea of the value of your possessions, particularly of valuables, jewels, works of art etc., and/ or collections. You may wish to add cover for personal possessions outside the house.

It is recommended that you consider taking cover that includes Accidental Damage to both the buildings and the contents but some people prefer to limit cover to basic Fire, Explosion and Lightening plus water damage.

Because of the incidence of floods and water leaks from appliances the excess for many covers have been increased where water damage is the cause, to two hundred and fifty pounds or more (up to £250) and where a property is in an area with a major flood risk cover for flood may be excluded.

Legal Expenses in case of a dispute in the future requiring legal advice.

The job for Seaway is to make sure that you understand what is and what is not insured.

Protect your information with Cyber Cover.

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