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Motor vehicle insurance you can trust

Motor vehicle insurance

Because it is a legal requirement in the UK, every vehicle must be insured, unless not driven on the public road. Unfortunately there are too many people who believe that they are ‘different’ from the rest of us and drive around uninsured. Even if your vehicle is owned in connection with a disability and is not classed as a vehicle to be driven on public roads, you may wish to consider insurance.
Seaway domestic vehicle insurance cover

There is always good reason to carry fully comprehensive motor insurance cover. Indeed many insurers will not provide cover for anything less than fully comprehensive. This also means that if damage to your vehicle is your fault you are still able to claim on your insurance.

There is an alternative cover 3rd Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only but the cost is not a lot less and there are few insurers offering these reduced covers.

Your Certificate of insurance details the vehicle and who may drive – Insured Only Driving, self & spouse, any named etc. Your Certificate may also allow you to drive any other vehicle but with cover restricted to 3rd party only.

If you have a vehicle that is never driven on the public road it may still be sensible to consider some third party liability cover although it is not a legal requirement.

There are also a number of additional covers that may be taken, Breakdown, GAP, uninsured costs and legal expenses.

seaway insurance breakdown cover
Seaway domestic vehicle insurance towing

If towing a caravan or boat from time to time, your motor insurance probably covers the actual towing liability. However it is suggested that you should consider insuring the caravan or boat etc. as these will not be covered if damaged while being towed.

Premiums will be different depending on your postcode, the vehicle, its use, where it is parked overnight and who is to drive.

The job for Seaway is to make sure that you understand what is and what is not insured.

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