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Cyber cover insurance you can trust

Cyber Cover Insurance

With the advance of technology the world is shrinking and people from anywhere can, potentially, get access to any computer and with the advances in computerization of domestic appliances there is an increased risk of a criminal element ‘hacking’ into any computer.

What can happen?

Theft of funds – by attacking on-line accounts.

Theft of Data – identity theft.

Damage to digital assets/extortion – or threat of damage can result in a ransom being demanded.

Social engineering – getting the victim to send money to the wrong bank account.

Electronic Compromise – hacking to get access to banking information.

Cover can include

Incident response  – pick up costs of response including IT security, forensics, legal costs and costs of notifying customers of the theft of their data.

Cyber Extortion – Ransom demand or encrypting data so that it cannot be used unless payment is made.

Physical system damage – cost of repair to computers.

System Business interruption  – loss of profit and increased cost of working.

Network security and privacy liability – third party claims, possibly from the transfer of malware or failure to prevent a data breach.

Regulatory fines – penalties imposed by regulators.

Media liability – third party liability for damage to reputation etc.

Legal Expenses – if you have to resort to taking legal advice.

The exact cover that you will require depends on the computers that you operate and how dependent you are on technology.

The job for Seaway is to make sure that you understand what is and what is not insured.

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