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Contractor Insurance

In view of the varied types of contractors this is a very general explanation and enquiry form. For more specific Building contractors please see the appropriate page. Below are what should be insured:-
Buildings insurance – if you own the building or have a responsibility for insuring the building stated on your lease.
Contents insurance – fixtures and fittings, displays and all furniture


Employer’s Liability – a legal requirement if you employ staff.

Public Liability – incase a visitor injures himself/herself on the premises you require Public Liability cover.

Product Liability – if you do produce anything.

Vehicle – a legal requirement if used on a public road.

Goods in Transit – if you collect and/or deliver.

Professional Indemnity –  if you design anything or give advice of any kind.

Fidelity cover – you may also find that you put your staff in a situation where they could handle money or possessions belonging to someone else so you may also require Fidelity cover.

Cyber cover – you have computers in the cafe and therefore may wish to add Cyber cover.

Legal Expenses –  in case you are involved in an incident that requires legal advice or court action.

The job for Seaway is to make sure that you understand what is and what is not insured.

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